Forest Health

Pine Beatle infested forest

B.A. Blackwell & Associates Ltd. have been working on forest health issues for the past decade and have extensive experience in extension, assessment, monitoring, and strategy development for various jurisdictions, at various scales. Our skills have been applied to a range of projects across BC, Alaska, Yukon Territory and Alberta. Our experience includes:


  • Coast Forest Region aerial forest health surveying and ground assessments completed annually since 2009 for the MFLNRO
  • Forest health assessments and expert advisors on forest health issues related to oil and gas development in BC and Alberta
  • Development of hazard and risk assessments, and follow-up monitoring for bark beetles, defoliators and root disease throughout BC
  • Development of a hazard and risk assessment for BC Hydro transmission and infrastructure
Aaron Helicopter

Strategic Planning

  • Treatment prescription and management plan development for various clients


  • Developed and instructed Forest Health and Forest Protection courses for BCIT’s Sustainable Resource Development Program
  • Developed a forest health management guide for BC Hydro maintenance crews
  • Developed the Yukon Forest Health Training Manual and Reference Guide for the Yukon Government


  • Completed various assessments and design of windthrow mitigation treatments and hazards, and danger tree removals
Pine Beatle damaged wood