B.A. Blackwell & Associates Ltd. provides silviculture services with a professional emphasis on stewardship, forest ecology and sustainable forest management. We plan and implement silviculture programs of all sizes and complexities, with a focus on quality control. Our silviculture experience includes:

Silviculture Surveying

    • Regeneration delay
    • Stocking and free growing

Silviculture Policy Development and Guidance

    • Site Plan Amendments, Evaluation and Development
    • Expertise in preparing prescriptions using partial cutting and alternative silviculture systems

Forest Fertilization Planning and Implementation

  • Completed planning and application of more than 20,000 ha on the coast and in the interior

Woodlot, community and private forest management

    • Prepared ecological-based inventories, prescriptions and plans

Site Preparation, Planting, Brushing & Weeding, Spacing and Pruning

    • Prescription development
    • Supervision

    Forest Practices Audits

    • Silviculture survey and program reviews
    • Site Plan and Forest Stewardship Plan reviews