Staff – North Vancouver Head Office

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Aaron Bigsby,


Aaron joined B.A. Blackwell & Associates Ltd. in 2002 and his career has focused on forest resource management including forest health, silviculture, forest engineering and contract administration and management. Aaron has worked on a wide range of projects including ecological mapping, Site Plan preparation, silviculture planning and prescription development, implementation of fertilization programs, engineering and layout work, forest health assessments and field research trials, in capacity that has included project management, field work, report writing and GIS. Prior to 2002, Aaron gained extensive experience supervising tree planting and thinning crews, and working as a wildland firefighter.
Aaron’s technical expertise is in inventory, aerial forest health and beetle probe surveys, operational planning, fertilization prescriptions and implementation, compliance and effectiveness monitoring, and research plot monitoring. He has a Bachelor of Science in Forestry and is a certified wildlife danger tree assessor and RPF.

Avram Sandor,

B.Sc. For., Advanced Dipl. GIS (Hons.)

Avram joined B.A. Blackwell & Associates Ltd. in 2006. He has more than 10 years experience in mapping, analysis, planning and management as a forest engineer and wildlife researcher. He has specialized in GIS since 2004. Avram’s extensive data analysis experience includes using the Canadian Fire Behaviour Prediction System and GIS to generate spatial fire behavior and risk mapping, production of maps and strategic wildland/urban interface plans. He has an excellent understanding of GIS implementation in the field of natural resources and programming skills to create customized applications and GIS tools. Avram holds a Bachelor of Science in Forestry and an Advanced Diploma in GIS.

Elizabeth Panozzo,

B.S.F. (Hons.), RPF

Prior to joining B.A. Blackwell & Associates Ltd. in 2006, Elizabeth gained work experience in the fields of silviculture, forest nutrition research, forest inventory, growth and yield, and more recently environmental education.

Since joining Blackwell, Elizabeth has provided research, technical, writing and administrative support for a range of projects in urban forestry, forest health, environmental impact assessment, ecosystem restoration, fuel management, and silviculture, as well as fertilization and fuel loading research trials. Elizabeth also manages and administers our Corporate Safety Management System.

Emilie English

Dipl.Tech. (SRMT Distinct.), B.Mus (Hons.)

Emilie joined B.A. Blackwell & Associates Ltd. in May 2015 as a forest technician, focusing on silviculture survey work. She is an accredited silviculture surveyor, and has served as a crew leader for many projects. She has also been involved in work pertaining to forest health, including the incidence of Swiss needle cast in the Chilliwack Natural Resource District, as well as assessments of mountain pine beetle and wildfire impacted stands in the Central Cariboo and Chilcotin Natural Resource Districts.

Emilie graduated from the Sustainable Resource Management program at BCIT in 2015. During her studies, she was awarded the Canfor Trades and Technology Entrance Award, the BCIT Foundation Award, the BCIT Sustainable Resource Management Award, as well as the Coastal Silviculture Committee Award. Emilie also received the Canadian Institute of Forestry’s Gold Medal Award for outstanding scholarship, citizenship, and sportsmanship. Before obtaining a diploma in forestry studies, Emilie completed a B.Mus in Performance at the Glenn Gould School of The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, and spent several years there working as a professional harpist.

Jane McMahon,

B.Sc., RPF

Jane is a Professional Forester with a background in silviculture planning and forestry data management. As a project manager with B.A. Blackwell & Associates Ltd., Jane develops and coordinates Standards of Procedures ensuring the legal and regulatory requirements. This includes overseeing the data capture and reporting requirements, using spatial and attribute RESULTs and CENGEA submissions. This includes, but is not limited to, the Forest for Tomorrow (FFT) program and BCTS Chinook Silviculture Survey program. Jane has 20 years of experience in the public and private resource management sector and has extensive experience in silviculture contract and field management, as well as digital data management platforms, GIS, and resource mapping techniques.

Prior to joining Blackwell, Jane worked with Weldwood of Canada Ltd. as a planting and site preparation supervisor and a field research assistant. She managed silviculture contracts and supervised field crews, including field layout, planting, survey quality checks and surveys for a range of silviculture activities. She was also responsible for developing a digital data reporting and mapping process with ArcInfo and GENUS systems. Jane has held positions with the MFLNRO as a planning and inventory assistant in Horesfly and as a recreation technician in Squamish with the Department of Northern Affairs, as a planning GIS technician in Whitehorse. Jane holds a Bachelor of Science degree, is a certified wildlife danger tree assessor and was accredited as a Professional Forester in 2001.

Janet Li

B.Sc., A.Ag., S.A.S.

Janet joined B.A. Blackwell & Associates Ltd. in 2015 as a forest technician, focused primarily on silviculture surveying. Since then, Janet has assisted in various other projects including forest engineering layout, forest aerial surveys, and wildfire fuels management.

Janet is an undergraduate from the UBC Okanagan Earth and Environmental Sciences program which included formal training in soil sciences, and forested watershed management. Having worked for nearly two decades in remote bush areas, Janet brings a range of skills and experience for working in the field. Janet is an accredited silviculture surveyor and an articling agrologist with the British Columbia Institute of Agrology.

Judith Cowan

RPF, ISA Certified Arborist, Landscape Architect (MBCSLA)

Judith started working with B.A. Blackwell & Associates in 2015 as a recent UBC post-graduate where she completed the Master of Sustainable Forest Management (MSFM) Program at UBC.

While at Blackwell, Judith leads Wildfire Hazard Assessments for various clients in the District of North Vancouver and the City of Maple Ridge, and participates in the implementation of fuel reduction programs for communities to mitigate risk from wildfire in the wildland urban interface. She also provides arboriculture services including Wildlife Danger Tree and TRAQ assessments – work that includes field work, GIS, report writing, contract supervision and project management. Judith is currently involved in an exciting urban forest management initiative to investigate how subdivision development impacts the wind-firmness of surrounding second-growth forests.

Judith brings a broad range of experience in the areas of urban forestry, park planning and ecological restoration. Judith is an accredited wildlife danger tree assessor, ISA certified arborist with TRAQ qualifications, a Trades Horticulturalist, a registered Landscape Architect, and is in the process of becoming a RPF.

Louis Orieux

B.A. (Hons.), Dipl. Tech. (SRMT Distinct.), ASFIT

Louis joined B.A. Blackwell & Associates Ltd. in July 2013 as a recent graduate from BCIT’s Sustainable Resource Management program where he was the 2013 Coastal Silviculture Committee award recipient for outstanding achievement in silviculture studies, as well as the 2014 Wayne Cochrane Memorial Award (ABCFP) recipient for student achievement. Previous to his studies at BCIT, Louis began a Bachelors Degree in Geography and Geology at Morehead State University (KY) while on a tennis scholarship before transferring home to Vancouver to finish his undergraduate studies at UBC.

Since arriving at B.A. Blackwell & Associates Ltd., Louis' work has focused on forest development planning and layout, forest health, and silviculture. Louis is an Allied Science Forester in Training with the ABCFP and is working towards his RPF status.

Nicholas Soverel

B.Sc., M.Sc., FIT

Nick joined B.A. Blackwell & Associates Ltd. in July of 2013 and has worked in various capacities in his position. This work has been primarily focused on: Specific Claim legal research, fuel management prescription development, community wildfire planning, aquatic and salmon monitoring, remote sensing research and implementation, proposal development, timber cruising, danger tree assessment and technical writing. Nick is a ISA certified arborist and Danger Tree Assessor.

Prior to joining the Blackwell team, Nick worked as a Rangeland Data Specialist where he analyzed and processed large amounts of ecological information for research and land management purposes. Nick was a member of the Integrated Remote Sensing Studio within UBC’s Faculty of Forestry where he researched the topic of characterizing burn severity using remote sensing techniques within western Canadian National Parks.

Nick brings a wide range of skills and experience to Blackwell including: natural resource data/statistical analysis, report and scientific publication, geomatics, fisheries and water data analysis, rangeland and forest fieldwork, forest and fire ecology, wildland firefighting, as well as curriculum development and training.

Oben Hart

B.A., Dipl. Tech. (SRMT Distinct.), TFT

Oben joined B.A. Blackwell & Associates in 2014 as a recent graduate of BCIT’s Sustainable Resource Management program. During his studies, Oben acted as the Renewable Resource Management technical representative and was awarded the Wayne Cochrane Memorial Award for student achievement, as well as the TLA Scholarship for outstanding achievement in forestry.

As a forest technologist for B.A. Blackwell, Oben has taken an active role in a variety of projects ranging from full-phase forest development to aerial forest health surveys. He is a certified wildlife/ danger tree assessor and acts as project lead for timber cruising and valuation projects.

Riley Patterson


Riley graduated from UBC with a Masters of Sustainable Forestry in 2015. Prior to joining B.A. Blackwell and associates, Riley gained experience with a major forest tenure holder in Northern Alberta, where he helped administer the herbicide and pest management programs. Riley’s past experience includes block development, GIS analysis and park facility maintenance.

Susan Shaw

H.B.Com., CPA, CGA

Susan is B.A. Blackwell’s Financial Manager. She has more than 30 years of bookkeeping experience in the areas of manufacturing and related industries. She has recently completed her undergraduate studies and obtained her Honours Bachelor of Commerce from Laurentian University in Ontario and has received her designation as a Chartered Professional Accountant from CPABC.

Stefana Dranga

B.ES (Honours), MFC, FIT, EPT

Stefana joined B.A. Blackwell and Associates in May 2016 as a recent graduate of the University of Toronto Master of Forest Conservation Program. As a forest technician at Blackwell, Stefana is primarily tasked with participating in silvicultural surveys, ecological classification and site identification, data compilation, GIS mapping and the development of survey reports for submission to government regulatory bodies.

Prior to joining the Blackwell team, Stefana worked as a graduate research assistant both at the University of Toronto Fire Management Systems Laboratory and the UBC Malcolm Knapp Research Forest. She also has 3 seasons of silviculture experience with APEX Reforestation and Windfirm Resources Inc. in northern British Columbia. Stefana holds a broad range of knowledge in the areas of environmental monitoring, field research, conservation biology, ecological data analysis, GIS and silviculture. Stefana is a Forester in Training with the ABCFP (2016) and an Environmental Professional in Training with ECO Canada (2014).

Stephan Bernhard

M.Sc., FIT

Stephan joined B.A. Blackwell & Associates Ltd. in January 2014. His primary work areas are in forest engineering, timber cruising, silviculture surveys, danger tree assessments and GIS mapping.

Prior to joining B.A. Blackwell & Associates Ltd. Stephan worked for the Swiss national forest inventory ( and as an Urban forester for the city of Basel (Switzerland). During his professional life he has seen many forests and their management approach, gaining work experience in Canada, Kirgizstan, Gabon, Senegal and Switzerland.

Stephan holds a master degree in forestry and GIS. He is an accredited silviculture surveyor, an ISA certified Arborist and a tree risk assessor, a registered professional forester by the Swiss forest society and works towards his registration as a professional forester by the ABCFP.

Tove Pashkowski

B.S.F. (Hons.), RPF

Tove joined B.A. Blackwell & Associates Ltd. in 2009 as a recent graduate of the UBC Forest Resource Management program. Since her arrival at Blackwell, Tove has developed community wildfire protection plans and led vegetation management fuel reduction programs in the wildland urban interface of communities across the province – work that includes field work, prescriptions development, GIS, contract supervision and project management.

Tove brings a broad range of experience in the areas of silviculture, engineering, field research, and wildland firefighting. Tove is an accredited wildlife danger tree assessor, ISA certified arborist, RPF with the ABCFP and a member of the Canadian Institute of Forestry.

Trevor Harder

Dipl. Tech. (NRMT Distinct.), Advanced Dipl. GIS, TFT

Trevor joined B.A. Blackwell & Associates in September 2016 as a recent graduate from Vancouver Island University with a diploma in natural resource management and an advanced diploma in GIS.

Prior to joining B.A. Blackwell, Trevor gained experience working in both silviculture and timber development on northern Vancouver Island. Trevor has recently joined the ABCFP as a TFT and is working to becoming an RFT.